Today’s euphemism: adult time

Our beaker is extremely full. Adult time is so important that it should be a large rock. In reality, it is somewhere between gravel and sand. The boulders that take top priority don’t just make time something that we have to use whenever it is available, they complicate space availability. In other words, if we […]

marital aids

Monday is Doug and I’s anniversary. We’ll probably celebrate by giving each other a kiss on the cheek as we pass each other on the staircase. We see each other several times a day when Doug comes up from his dungeon to get a fresh pot of coffee and I walk down to move laundry […]

Noah asks about babies

Noah – “How do people get babies?” Dad – “Well, when people love each other they sometimes decide to make a new life together.” Noah – “No, I mean HOW do they get the baby?” Mom – sensing that Dad is about to answer more than Noah is asking, “When people have sex together it […]