Noah asks about babies

Noah – “How do people get babies?”
Dad – “Well, when people love each other they sometimes decide to make a new life together.”
Noah – “No, I mean HOW do they get the baby?”
Mom – sensing that Dad is about to answer more than Noah is asking, “When people have sex together it sometimes makes a baby.”
Noah – “Well, then you must have a LOT of sex.”
Mom – “I guess so.”
Noah – “Ok.”
Dad – Laughing so hard he has tears coming out of his eyes, “Isn’t he great?”

6 thoughts on “Noah asks about babies

  1. that was cute! I asked my mom when I was 12,,but i knew just wanted to see what her reaction was. She told me to wait until I got married!

  2. This was while we were in Babies R Us. The normally soft spoken Noah was quite well articulated and spoke from the diaphram as his words with the emphasis on “A LOT” rolled off his tongue with amazement in his voice.

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