snow day survival

It is day three of the harrowing experience known as snow days. Schools are closed. Businesses have barricaded their doors to prevent french toast looters. The outdoors is quiet and magical. Indoor volume is rapidly approaching hearing damage level. The house reeks of burnt popcorn. The kitchen trash is piled too high to close the […]

forecast parking update

In what has to be a rarer occurrence than a Bigfoot sighting, everyone in Knoxville woke up to snow on Saturday. It may have been gone by afternoon, but for a few blissful hours, the children and dogs may as well have been riding unicorns down rainbows.

Christmas isn’t always white

This year, we get to spend Christmas Day with my brothers and their families. That puts all 9 cousins in one house at the same time. All of the children are excited about getting to play together, but none are as vocal about it as Amy. “After we open presents, we’re going to make a […]