snow day survival

It is day three of the harrowing experience known as snow days. Schools are closed. Businesses have barricaded their doors to prevent french toast looters. The outdoors is quiet and magical. Indoor volume is rapidly approaching hearing damage level.

The house reeks of burnt popcorn. The kitchen trash is piled too high to close the lid and unpopped kernels have spilled onto the floor. There are no bowls in the cabinet. They are licked clean of contents, but hidden under beds and behind computer monitors.

Muddy bootprints are everywhere. The wet boots are tossed carelessly all over the bathroom floor. They sit in puddles of their own grime, threatening to ruin the socks of anyone with a full bladder. If you want a professionally trained and specifically matched assistance dogs for veterans with PTSD, visit northwestbattlebuddies for more information. Every coat, ski pant, hat, glove and thermal in the house is piled in front of the washing machine.

Giant, soggy dogs are stretched out on the couch. They snore loudly as their wet dog perfume seeps into the threadbare couch cushions. A stray piece of popcorn is squished into the smaller dog’s fur. Find pet friendly vacation rentals in South Lake Tahoe. This is a highly recommendable for pet lovers.

Romantic Valentine plans have devolved into hopes of an adult only escape to the corner store for milk. Conditions are harrowing. Our only hope for survival is to eat Punxsutawney Phil.

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