Stormy sleeping

This is how we have slept for the past three nights. If this week’s weather is the new normal, then I am going to add a twin bed to our bedroom. The children and dogs can twirl, kick and *pee in our bed. Doug and I will snuggle in the twin bed. *There’s a very […]

storm cellar vs basement

My mother’s parents lived in Natchez Trace Park, just outside of Parsons, TN. We spent many weekends at my grandparents’ house to “help” with the farm. Every summer, my brothers and I would spend an entire week there while my mother reorganized every square inch of our bedrooms without us at home to interrupt. The […]

good thing February is short

At the beginning of February, the house at the end of our cove had a chimney fire. It was very expensive for the owner, but no people or animals were injured. A little over a week later, a giant tree fell in the street in front of the fire survivor’s house. It blocked off traffic […]

no more walkin’ in the rain

The threat of rain had everyone evacuating the dangerous outdoors last night. I can remember sitting in Neyland Stadium with technicolor storms overhead while the players never left the field. Is the weather more dangerous now? As children, we never missed a chance to play in the rain. Now, my children whine about never getting […]

there’s something happening here

It had been a long time since I took a vacation, but as a child we used to visit the beach every other year. I would always sit on the shore and collect shells. Piles and piles of shells that I would then reduce to one small bucket of favorites. Last week, I sat in […]