no more walkin’ in the rain

The threat of rain had everyone evacuating the dangerous outdoors last night. I can remember sitting in Neyland Stadium with technicolor storms overhead while the players never left the field. Is the weather more dangerous now? As children, we never missed a chance to play in the rain. Now, my children whine about never getting to use their umbrellas because I deny them the outdoors when it’s raining. When we were at the beach a few weeks ago, a storm rolled in out of nowhere and I got so hysterical about getting the children off the beach that Doug probably thought he was going to have to carry ME off the beach. The boys have scout camp later this month and Sarah has band camp. I wonder if I should send them directions on grounding themselves or maybe a lightning rod to be installed at the opposite end of camp. Perhaps I should just be heavily sedated with pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

2 thoughts on “no more walkin’ in the rain

  1. At least they got to continue. The Oak Ridge fireworks and festivities at Melton Hill Lake were canceled at about 8:15 last night by the storm, and our band never got a chance to perform…. So much for good exposure 🙁 The reason players didn’t leave the field in the old days is the same reason we never wore seat belts and played in the floorboards of the car – everybody was dumb in the past 🙂

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