what we have here is a failure to communicate

Doug: “Why are you so stressed?” Me: “I have a million things to get done and most of them feel like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.” Doug: “Why don’t you narrow the list down a bit.” Me: “Well, there are three things that absolutely, positively must get done in the next two days.” […]

Beware the Reavers

While we’ve been distractedly preparing for the zombie invasion, the Reavers have been walking among us. Okay, maybe they aren’t Reavers, but they are certainly not the same as you and I. Example number one – I left my favorite store and sat in my parking space messing with the phone and radio before I […]

feeling fidgety

Tommy’s financial aid award letter finally came. His funding is coming from a dozen different sources and it has three errors I need to get corrected, but I think it’s going to work. Of course, the school still doesn’t want to discuss it with me. I told them the three things and they said they […]