feeling fidgety

Tommy’s financial aid award letter finally came. His funding is coming from a dozen different sources and it has three errors I need to get corrected, but I think it’s going to work. Of course, the school still doesn’t want to discuss it with me. I told them the three things and they said they would look into it. Who am I kidding? They probably rolled their eyes and cleaned out their pencil sharpener the entire time I was talking. After working out the financing, one of my primary concerns is making the dorm room Tommy’s safe place. I wish I knew more about the dorms than that they have XL twin beds on wood platforms and there is one bathroom for each floor. When the Open House tour guide showed everyone the single floor bathroom, Tommy declared himself finished with the tour without seeing an actual room and rather than risk a meltdown in front of 30 other freshmen, I decided to fight the dorm battle later. This Friday, he is going to walk in that dorm room and embrace the horror. In the meantime, I have been making list after list of things to do, things to find and things to pack. I have one item on Tommy’s list that isn’t on traditional dorm supply lists. I need to equip Tommy with a basket full of fidgets. Tommy doesn’t need weighted vests, hourly brushing therapy or clothing without labels any longer, but he does need fidgets. Fidgets like bendeez, stress balls and all the fiddles. Tommy would love these spiky gloves. When he doesn’t have a fidget to stretch, squish and bite, Tommy does things like nervously eat the rubber earpiece off of his glasses. The best source for fidgets is conventions. They are very popular marketing tools. Unfortunately, I no longer run with that crowd. Anyone going to a convention in the near future? Can I come along too? I didn’t think so. Like I said, I’m still at the brainstorming and list making stage. Maybe I need to go chew on one of Tommy’s drinking straws. Oh, I just remembered that the only convention I am attending this year is just around the corner. I will be at the Mayor’s First Day Festival! I will be the person wrestling small children for the fidgets. I might be found at this table. Is anyone else planning to be there?

3 thoughts on “feeling fidgety

  1. you could troll the convention center? The water professionals have something coming up and I must admit to being vaguely curiously what they will be convening about..

  2. “Hello, I’m, a water consumer and I’d like to know what you are doing to my water supply.” I’m not sure they’d go for it. I could see how long I could sift through the convention center trash before I get arrested.

  3. You actually had a weighted vest, wow! Our therapist suggested it once, but we never followed through because I’m such a lazy mother. My son does feel the need to carry heavy weights around the school with him. In his case, it was all textbooks, notebooks and binders and it started in 7th grade. The teachers tried to stop him at first, but the Dr. said it is common with Aspergers and that he feels safer that way. He’ll be starting 10th grade in the fall and we bought him a military backpack last year after his Jansport literally fell apart. His things weigh roughly about a hundred pounds. I’m not sure exactly because I haven’t lifted his bookbag in months, I’m afraid I’ll throw my back out if I do. This is so cool to hear that someone went through the same situation. Thanks for sharing! The up side of it is that he’s become really ripped and muscular from carrying all that around.

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