Big red bullseye store

The only thing that we didn’t pack for our trip to DC was Amy’s sneakers. Because of that, our first outing began with a trip to Target. I listened to one half of a conversation. Doug: “Hello.” “We’re at Target.” “We forgot Amy’s shoes. I’m making a video.” “The escalator! It’s awesome!” I missed the […]

late night errands

If I want to visit the store without the entire entourage, I go late at night. The entertaining antics of late night shoppers is just an extra bonus. Friday I needed to visit the red bullseye store for diapers. I grabbed the diapers and wandered the clearance racks because it’s a sickness and I can’t […]

ready for school?

Are you ready for school? Some of us are and some of us are not. Sarah, Noah and Amy are ready. Their backpacks, bags of school supplies and clothes for tomorrow morning are piled by the front door. There are also three large flags leaning on the door, because all teenage girls carry an armload […]