Big red bullseye store

The only thing that we didn’t pack for our trip to DC was Amy’s sneakers. Because of that, our first outing began with a trip to Target. I listened to one half of a conversation.

Doug: “Hello.”
“We’re at Target.”
“We forgot Amy’s shoes. I’m making a video.”
The escalator! It’s awesome!”

I missed the rest of the conversation because I wandered off to avoid being a part of the video. Later that night, I heard about the caller’s side of the conversation.
Danny: “Where are you? What have you seen so far?”
“WHY are you at Target?” thinking – Don’t say it. Don’t say it.
“A video of what?” thinkingHe’s going to say it. Here it comes.
“Oooookay.” thinkingI hate that stupid cart escalator. Why does everyone who visits want to talk about the cart escalator?

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