family traditions – thanking the trash collectors

The trash day closest to Christmas, we always put a six pack of soda in plastic containers on top of the can with a bow. It’s not much, but I don’t think they would feel comfortable with the much preferred baked goods. Trash collection is thankless, very important and not at all economically lucrative. Not […]

BlogHer DC Sponsors

In my previous life, I orchestrated an annual event at the zoo in May. The sponsors and exhibitors would give up a Saturday to the event. I always felt like they deserved more thanks than they were given since without them, the event would have been hollow. Instead of anything close to adequate praise, they […]

how to contact me

I received very kind comments and a couple of extremely insightful e-mails in response to my fretting about Noah. Thank you. I used your thoughts to work out a short term plan as well as a big goal for high school. Your e-mails were overly polite about the fact that after six years of blogging, […]