family traditions – thanking the trash collectors

The trash day closest to Christmas, we always put a six pack of soda in plastic containers on top of the can with a bow. It’s not much, but I don’t think they would feel comfortable with the much preferred baked goods. Trash collection is thankless, very important and not at all economically lucrative. Not only does nobody thank the trash collectors, everyone loves to complain about them. When New Orleans flooded, the trash company offered work to the displaced and bought groceries for employees with family members seeking refuge in their homes. When someone calls because their personal trash can was accidentally destroyed, an employee runs out and replaces it. When a horrible tragedy happened on an adjacent property, the trash company bought the property to have a memorial built. Maybe the reason that trash collector didn’t react when you were screaming obscenities at them was because they are one of the larger employers of the Deaf community in Knoxville. Add thanking the trash collectors to YOUR holiday traditions.

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