Thanksgiving 2017

The basement flooded when the washing machine went wonky. The crockpot died. The two children with a mystery virus are now walking nosebleeds. I think the youngest child has ringworm. Today was still the best day ever.

Thanksgiving meh

I know that my role in this family is to make holidays happen. Not because they are holidays, but to create traditions for framing memories and celebrations to avoid getting lost in the mundane. I honestly don’t enjoy Thanksgiving. It’s a meal as a family. We eat meals as a family every day. Some of […]

Last minute Thanksgiving

The plan was simple. We would cook the meats and dessert. Granny would bring the sides. After spending Tuesday shopping for and purchasing our assigned groceries, we returned home in the evening to discover that Granny had purchased ham and turkey. Now, we have lots of meat and zero side dishes. What kind of lazy […]

I’m the Thanksgiving Grinch

At some point, I need to crawl out of the quicksand of depression and fake Ça ne fait rien long enough to tell the youngest children that Starving Artist isn’t coming home for Thanksgiving because travel costs are doubled on holidays. After I tell them, I will resume hating myself for encouraging Starving Artist to […]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving meal conversation topics in order of appearance: recipes and cooking, cranberries, relatives with cancer, newspapers vs the Internet, Mumbai, Twitter, books, old people, guns, children, video games, riding lawn mowers and Christmas.