I’m the Thanksgiving Grinch

At some point, I need to crawl out of the quicksand of depression and fake Ça ne fait rien long enough to tell the youngest children that Starving Artist isn’t coming home for Thanksgiving because travel costs are doubled on holidays. After I tell them, I will resume hating myself for encouraging Starving Artist to take an extra shift at work on Thanksgiving. I should have told her to go watch the parade.

If you eat out for Thanksgiving, tip extra. Those employees probably have terrible moms, too.

2 thoughts on “I’m the Thanksgiving Grinch

  1. Sorry friend, you aren’t a bad Mom at all. I totally get the challenges with holiday travel. That’s why I had to get our CA tickets 6 weeks ago, and even then they were a fortune. As for encouraging her to work on Turkey Day, you’re just doing the right thing. She’s got plenty of parades to see in the future, today though she’s likely needing the money to make up for what she lost in income during the storm. And yeah, I know none of this makes anything better. Have a cookie, share with the littles, and know that Starving Artist will be home as soon as practical. (((hugs)))

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