Another Georgia Tann comment

From the comments on this post: “My sister, cousin and I are looking for our fathers birth family. My dad and my uncle are red headed identical twins. We were all told a long web of lies only to find out that they were Georgia Tann babies. All we were told that may be part […]

a short story about archeology

Once upon a time, while exploring the woods behind my great grandmother‘s home in Natchez Trace Park, I came upon a broken piece of pottery. I scraped at the dirt and found several more chips and shards of jugs and bowls. Excited at my treasure, I ran to my grandmother‘s kitchen. My mother stood in […]

humidity chronicles

Over the weekend, we took the youngest children to a place in middle TN that was an integral part of my childhood. A place that I haven’t visited in over a decade and an area that I told goodbye during my grandmother’s funeral. A place where time stands still. Oh, wait. The trees are taller […]

please stop arguing about guns

Even though I am still bugged by one *aspect of the process, I am going to solve half the TN legislative activity in one sentence. Ready? Here it is: If you have a carry permit, you can carry your gun. See how simple that was? Now quit arguing and get back to work on things […]

weapons of extreme annoyance

The next time the government needs to have a chat with people holed up in a compound, maybe they should mist a bit of East TN air over the compound. Sometime in the following 24 hours, everyone inside the compound will begrudgingly put down their weapons and come outside in exchange for the promise of […]

my Tennessee

When I expressed my disappointment at the behavior of Smart Girl Media, my DC brother quipped that I live in the “heart of the heart of it.” That makes me sad. My Tennessee is mountains, valleys, rivers and forests. It is beautiful and filled with good people. The Tennessee that I know and I love […]

no farmers here

As my tour of Knox County high schools took me through all kinds of rural East TN, I inevitably asked the principal guiding my tour about the “farms” that surrounded several of the schools. Some of them looked confused and flatly said that there were no farms. Others would snicker at my city-fied reaction to […]

we need disclaimers

Since our state legislators’ reaction to news is to pass measures of support on the very least effectual issues, I propose all Tennessee bloggers, letter writers and columnists add some standard disclaimers at the bottom of their work. How about: *The appropriate response to this information is not time and expense creating a measure of […]