Another Georgia Tann comment

From the comments on this post:

“My sister, cousin and I are looking for our fathers birth family. My dad and my uncle are red headed identical twins. We were all told a long web of lies only to find out that they were Georgia Tann babies. All we were told that may be part of a truth was that their birth parents were very poor and “left” three of their children in the care of the TN home on a TEMPORARY basis. Our “granny” ran in the same social circles as Ms. Tann. Our fathers were born sometime around the 1950’s possibly the late 40’s, no one is certain of the exact year. They have a sister, we belive younger and know she was blonde, who we would love to find. Our dads suffered numerous forms of abuse and refuse to speak of any memories of their early childhood but do remember the blonde sister as did my “granny”. In fact our “granny” mentioned to my mother that my sister looked like our dads sister! The three of us are trying to find any information that would help. I have ordered Barbara Raymonds book. We are all still residing in the Memphis area. ANY help, guidance, assistance, etc would be wonderful. My email is: ashandbritt at hotmail dot com.”

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