Indoor flight

The grandparents gifted Noah with a tiny remote control helicopter. It’s too cute to take seriously, so I didn’t object when the living room became an airport. The new pilot seemed to need a lot of practice. Apparently, teeny helicopters have extremely sensitive controls. One second, the helicopter was quietly weaving it’s way across the […]

Dear Wubbzy,

The newest 4-y-o and the almost 7-y-o have a deep and abiding love for all things Wubbzy. Our first Wubbzy product was a Wubbzy beanie. The best thing about it is the flexible tail. Countless hours have been spent by ALL the members of our family making coils, angles and shapes with that tail. This […]

one bag of broken army men please

While I was making the weekly drive to bring Tommy home from LMU for the weekend, Doug stayed home to work and watch Evan. One of the many disasters I came home to find was the ruins of an epic battle involving small plastic army men and a wooden train. As I was tossing the […]