Hell is other drivers

I like driving. I don’t like other drivers. It’s the main reason I disagree with the girl teen’s insistence that I be the person who gives her driving lessons. “Don’t trust any other driver on the road. They’re likely to do anything at any time.” I don’t want her to have my hangups with driving. […]


This picture was taken three years ago, on Northshore. This is what Northshore looks like on winter mornings around the same time that the elementary bus arrives. It is a dark, dangerous road that has a roadside memorial every few yards. Some of those memorials are recent enough that it is still painful to see […]

good thing February is short

At the beginning of February, the house at the end of our cove had a chimney fire. It was very expensive for the owner, but no people or animals were injured. A little over a week later, a giant tree fell in the street in front of the fire survivor’s house. It blocked off traffic […]

signs Knoxville needs

Gallaher View – “Stay in your lane or stay off this road.” West Town mall stairwells – “Do NOT urinate in stairwells. Moron.” Nubbin Ridge – “No joggers. Ever.” unisex bathrooms – “No quickies when other people are waiting for restroom.” & “Bathroom NOT soundproof.” Everywhere else – “No spitting on sidewalk. Yuck.”