This picture was taken three years ago, on Northshore. This is what Northshore looks like on winter mornings around the same time that the elementary bus arrives. It is a dark, dangerous road that has a roadside memorial every few yards. Some of those memorials are recent enough that it is still painful to see them. The traffic is heavy and the drivers exceed the speed limit. Driving home from a meeting one night, I witnessed an act of road rage on Northshore. A car deliberately rear-ended the car in front of them and then they dashed around their victim and sped away. The car that had been bumped, took off in hot pursuit. It was an ugly thing to watch and although I reported the incident to the police, I did not “follow them” as the 911 operator suggested.

Despite the nearby businesses that my older children love to frequent, I don’t allow my teenagers to walk on Northshore. It is just too dangerous. I don’t walk on Northshore. I would call the man around the block who runs a taxi service before I would venture out on Northshore on foot. Why would Knox County Schools think it is acceptable for elementary age children to stand on one of Knoxville’s most dangerous roads? How can they possibly justify putting children in harm’s way on a bus route that begins at 7:10 and ends at 7:13, with the excuse that they don’t have time to add three minutes to their route? This is unacceptable. Knox County Schools need to do the right thing and move the bus stop back to where children have been safely waiting for the past few years.

Update: Knox County Schools has returned the spot to its’ much safer location. Thank you!

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  1. Great points! I’ve been thinking about this lately. I drive Cross Park to Bridgewater on occasion. The last time I drove it there was a woman on one of those wheelchair/scooters trying to go west on Cross Park. With the short section of curves, she was in great danger.

    I do not know if these (Northshore and Cross Park/Bridgewater) are in the city or just the county, but they need sidewalks. These are both areas with fairly high density (for the suburbs) and growing business. You see people trying to walk or ride bikes, etc. You hear of people wanting to walk or ride bikes, etc. The city/county is not doing their job.

  2. FYI, according to KGIS, Northshore out to Wrights Ferry/Morrell and then through the businesses in the Rocky Hill area is in the City of Knoxville.

    Then, Northshore is County with dots of City. Northshore becomes City again at Ebenezer going past the Pellissippi, encompassing the new Town Center development.

    Cross Park to Bridgewater to Suburban is in the City of Knoxville.

    Sidewalks are needed!

  3. That’s awful. It would be the simplest thing to move that bus stop. Yes, I too hope other parents are as concerned and vocal.

  4. Also, consider getting school board reps or your county commissioner involved on this matter.

  5. I think Don Dare should stand at the bus stop with his camera crew and the kids one morning.

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