parting advice

As RenTeen approached the security gate beyond which we could not accompany him, his grandmother gave him a big hug and said, “Go and be safe.” Then, I gave him a big hug and advised him, “Go and have an adventure.” It is time.

Mommy guilt

I left town for one weekend and returned to a lawn as tall as my waist, every dish in the house dirty, a dead dryer, an attitudinal SuperTween and a heartbroken Sawyer because, “Mommies are supposed to be at home.” I’m not sure if I should travel more often or less often.

Leaving, on a jet plane

Maybe it’s not a jet as much as a tiny plane that is given the minimal maintenance required to remain in use. Still, for the first time since January, tonight I will sleep in a bed that isn’t mine. I began my journey in the sleepy Knoxville airport with a silly body scan. If we […]

random New York notes

1. Everyone wears black. Do they have closets full of black clothing or are they wearing the same outfit repeatedly? 2. Hunter rain boots are everywhere. 3. I didn’t see a single picturesque clothesline connecting buildings. The movies lied to me. 4. We were treated with kindness by absolutely every person we met. In fact, […]

getting from point a to point b

Let’s be completely honest. We drive to get anywhere. Sure, the teens might walk for ice cream once in a blue moon and the children roam the cove heavily, but anytime we need to go somewhere or do something, there is a car involved. Once we parked the car in the airport garage, the rules […]

What we were thinking

Me: The children need the bathroom. We don’t have time to argue with TSA. Doug: I read about backscatter and I don’t want the children doing it. I sent Cathy that link but she never reads the links I send her. I should send it again. T never sent me that document I said I […]

adventures in security theater – part 2

The Boy Scout incident – Every time we walked in a Smithsonian building, we walked through the metal detectors. After the first time, we did not take it seriously. I didn’t finish my mini-wine at lunch in the museum cafeteria and stuck it in Doug’s pocket. Not the same pocket as the pocket knives though. […]

adventures in security theater – part 1

The annoyed TSA employee incident – As I have mentioned several times, I don’t travel very often. Not because I don’t want to travel, but because the opportunities are infrequent. Being inexperienced, I try to follow directions carefully in an effort to reduce and prevent problems. Airports broadcast a looped “Don’t leave luggage unattended” warning […]

DC games

There’s a common rule that you can use humor when it’s your life, but not when it’s someone else’s life.  For example, I am allowed to laugh at the absurd moments that Autism creates in our home.  As my family member on the spectrum matures, I relax and appreciate the moments that would have caused […]