humidity chronicles – part two

When Amy is sick, she is pitifully sad. Her eyes get round like a Keane painting and they are filled with a sea of tears that quietly roll down her pale, white cheeks. Except for the occasional whimper, she is silent. Amy was in sick mode the entire ride home from Natchez Trace. On the […]

humidity chronicles

Over the weekend, we took the youngest children to a place in middle TN that was an integral part of my childhood. A place that I haven’t visited in over a decade and an area that I told goodbye during my grandmother’s funeral. A place where time stands still. Oh, wait. The trees are taller […]

Is that the ONLY place a kid can be a kid?

Today we had family visiting, hunted for eggs, ate a ton of food, drove an hour and a half each way to take the oldest back to college, hiked a mile and a half of the Cumberland Trail and took 5 zillion potty breaks. On the way home from it all, the 3-year-old cheerfully requested, […]

locals make the best tour guides

I owe a big thanks to my brother for playing tour guide while we were in DC last week. If not for Danny, I wouldn’t know such valuable things as: “This is where Monica Lewinsky was deposed.” “This statue made so many people angry that the compromise was to place it outside the memorial.” “That’s […]

BlogHer DC 2008

Sunday – After what shall forever be known as the week of a zillion hysterical Tweets, Sarah, Missy and I piled into a Saturn VUE and drove from Knoxville to DC. Okay, we drove to Bethesda, but that’s like DC’s version of Farragut. Actually, the only thing Farragut and Bethesda have in common is that […]