Today, Doug turned the water off at the street so that he could repair a leaky basement toilet. It needed to happen. While the children amused themselves with dramatic ‘holding it in’ dances, the animals silently watched. When we discussed taking a quick drive to the corner gas station to use their facilities, the animals […]

even in surreal, there must be real

The mood in the flood zone is shifting from survival to exhaustion. Everyone started with white flags waving for the media to notice that there was more happening than celebrities cheating on spouses. Victims gave status updates while their cyber friends acted as clearing houses for emergency resources. Resources trickled in and the media noticed […]

it started with a drip

The sink in the downstairs bath has dripped forever. A few weeks ago, Doug decided to fix the drip. His “fix” was to replace the faucet. This was not a Doug plan that required any input from me. This was barely blue-green on the Doug’s “plan” scale. When he decided that the pipes underneath the […]