perpetual renovation zone

Me: “I think we should take the temporary room down tonight and have a clean living room for the weekend. I really miss my window.” SuperTween: “Nooo! That’s our indoor playhouse. It has to stay up until summer.” Sawyer: “Tear it down! Tear it down so Daddy can use the wood on my treehouse this […]

slap some paint on it

She: “Why did you paint the wall with the door and trim paint?” He: “I thought it would look lighter after it was dry.” She: “Didn’t the high-gloss make you suspect that you were using the wrong can of paint?” He: “Shut up.”

But they were nice

Despite my obviously high expectations about what clean-up should include, I do not have any complaints about the workers that the contractor tasked with repairing our house. They sang and danced to cheesy 80’s tunes. They joked with me. They played ball with the dogs. They were extremely interested in my 18-y-o daughter. Okay, EXCEPT […]

clean up, clean up

Lacking experience with professionals working on the house, I don’t know what I should reasonably expect from various home repair specialists when it comes to cleaning up the mess after repairs are completed. I understand the billions of bits of broken glass in the yard. I am less understanding of the broken glass on the […]

Evan says:

“We are never moving to Texas or anywhere. I never want to leave our house.” Prior to this week’s construction, Evan would periodically claim that our house is “too broken.” It was. In the winter, you could stand outside and watch the heat escaping the house. Inside the house, there was a noticeable breeze from […]

no progress today

The crew didn’t show up today. They missed four hours of bright sunshine, but they also missed a mean hail storm with excessive thunder and lightning. Tomorrow’s forecast looks equally ominous, so I don’t expect the crew to return until Friday. Unfortunately, the house is currently less prepared for bad weather than when the construction […]

Repair Progress

First, there were a series of storms. So, we removed the old shutters. New windows replaced the broken, leaky windows. New siding replaced the hail dented siding.