clean up, clean up

Lacking experience with professionals working on the house, I don’t know what I should reasonably expect from various home repair specialists when it comes to cleaning up the mess after repairs are completed. I understand the billions of bits of broken glass in the yard. I am less understanding of the broken glass on the street in front of the house. I expected the neatly gathered pile of old light fixtures, doorbell, and other discards. I did not expect light bulbs shoved under bushes. Occasional stray nails in the yard are accidents. An entire box of spilled nails that has been lightly hidden under a pile of mulch is deliberate.

If we are ever again fortunate enough to hire help with the house, I am going to add a detailed clean-up page to the contract before we sign it.

One thought on “clean up, clean up

  1. About a year after I became a homeowner, we put a fence in our front yard. Best decision ever. But I was completely surprised to come home that day to piles of dirt all over the yard. It would’ve been super easy for the hole diggers to have put the dirt in a wagon, etc, vs me coming home and breaking out the shovel (in the dark). At least they could’ve warned me!

    On the other hand, when we put on a new roof (when we bought the house), the roofer made a point to put in the bid that his guys would clean up the nails all over the place. I know they tried, but I’m still finding nails. And pieces of gutters from this summer’s gutter fixing extravaganza.

    But none of that is as ridiculous as what you’re talking about. Sheesh. Laziness.

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