Today has been pretty non-productive. Did run to AC Moore and grab posterboard and markers for some of the kids’ art projects. Now I just have to pull info off the web for them and then make them sit at the table and work.

Doug is cold and distant today. I don’t know everything tormenting him, but I know he is angry with me because we disagree about how to treat Tommy. I also know he is beating himself up for turning down a job that would have had him away for most of the next year. He is big on self-doubt and regret. He had a party every year on the anniversary of the day he wrecked his father’s favorite sports car until the year before last when I was too pregnant and too tired. Then last year I complained about not wanting a party over here with the baby in the house. All of this is relevant because today would be the day of the annual party, so I suspect that’s on his mind too.

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