I can cope with the fact that Doug has a hot temper and blows up over stupid things, but I can’t tolerate him cursing, especially around the children. So, now I’m angry and tense and snappy. It doesn’t help any that our e-mail isn’t working and I need to get an e-mail out.

Noah came home for the third day in a row with a note that his name was on the board for talking when he wasn’t supposed to be talking. Sarah did homework while I worked on HER Culture project. I got annoyed and asked her to work on her own project so now she’s sitting glaring at the poster board.

Tommy is having a fit because he doesn’t have any clean pjs. He probably does have clean pjs, they just aren’t in his room because I have a small mountain of clothes that need to be folded and put away. Talked Tommy into taking his bath anyway.

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