odd neighbors

Every day cars use our cove as a turn-around. It is worst in the summer when the trucks pulling trailers full of lawnmowers and other landscaping equipment come through our cove daily. Our nasty, unpleasant neighbors on the right side of our house (they are renters) always whip through their cove so they are facing out, then park their cars in the street and make it difficult to get through if they aren’t right on the curb. They drive way too fast and frequently are in the street working on one of their vehicles. Working on it apparently means you raise the hood and gun the engine for an hour. There are at least two couples in the house and they all work different shift-type jobs (I think they are janitors at a local hospital), so there are several cars coming and going at all hours. The newest development is that one of the cars is broken, so they have someone picking them up and dropping them off. The car flies into the cove, lays down on their horn as they pass the house, spins around the cove so that they are facing out and then screeches to a halt in front of the house. If the carpooler doesn’t emerge immediately, the horn is blasted again. Today, Doug stomped up to the car and told them to quit using the horn in our cove. TN law says that horns are only to avoid accidents. The driver got very angry and I expect we’ll have a knock on our door when the neighbor’s shift is finished and he returns home. I was more upset by the speed at which they went through the cove but I still feel like we’ve started trouble.

These people are wierd. Doug knocked on their door once to ask a question and the woman answered the door with a butcher knife in her hand. Many months ago we asked one of them to slow down and the neighbor came to the door and told us “don’t be telling my friends how to drive.” After that they came to the door to inform us they were putting in a satellite dish. “We don’t care what you think, we just want to know if there’s any ordinances against it.” They put the satellite right at the curb, next to where their trash can sits and buried the line going to the house about 2 inches under the surface of the lawn. They refuse to mow. “It’s not our property, so why should we maintain it?” I wish they’d move. The renter before them was a single mother of 5 who screamed at her kids too much but she kept things picked up and even planted flowers around the house. Besides, she made our family seem small. šŸ™‚

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