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  1. If someone took latex paint to my sidewalk I would call it vandalism. Of course, I don’t have a sidewalk. 🙂

  2. It’s actually neither. Having worked on several school newspapers, I have come to understand that, so long as the university owns whatever the vehicle is for the message, they have the right to “edit” it however they deem fit.

    Imagine you have a sidewalk and you give a sidewalk artist permission to draw on it. Then you look and decide you don’t want that image in from of your house. Turning the hose on his chalk art has nothing to do with the First Amendment, as he has no true right to the property he created on. Same for this “vandal.”

    The suit should be dismissed. I’d like to see his charges dropped as well, if, as I’m imagining, there was no permanent defacement of the building. This is just another example of how people abuse the court system to draw attention to their arguments. At this point, it doesn’t matter what happens, because this guy got his message out, and that’s all he really wanted anyway.

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