The victory was brief. Amy slept only 45 minutes. It is going to be a cranky afternoon.

Sarah has a lot of homework and a new long-term project to begin. Tommy has a little bit of math. Noah came home with a note about homework but nothing in his bag, so Dad drove him back to school where the teacher filled Dad’s ear with her discontent. Noah has a project that is past due. Apparently it was assigned several weeks ago and Noah didn’t want to bring it home and have it interrupt his “play time”. Sigh. All three of the homeworkers are sitting at the kitchen table scowling at each other between scribblings. They attempt to help each other but resent rather than appreciate it when the help is given.

I can’t work on the Korea display now or Amy will mangle it. Postpone that project until 8:30 when all the little people are in bed. Still no craft idea. Redirect energies to laundry and dishes for the next hour.

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