When Doug took Noah to school he found out that Noah was the target of some teasing during lunch. Noah sat and cried because the boys were calling him a “Barbie lover” and a “pink tighties wearer” and a “diaper baby”. Further explanation here. Noah does wear pull-ups at night and although we’ve warned him to be discreet I’m sure that the other boys have noticed it during sleepovers. Also, this group of 5-6 boys have been getting in trouble for teasing others and using questionable subject matter throuh the entire school year. Recently Noah was given a different seat in class to try and split of two of the trouble makers. Starting tomorrow the boys are all going to be seated away from each other at lunch. My father has warned (lectured) me to keep Noah away from bad boys. I’m inclined to think that this is just an unpleasant phase that they are going through and wonder if we shouldn’t have MORE time with the friends over so they can learn to play together more appropriately.

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