Not sure if I’m amused or annoyed. On the way home from the Korean grocery and Sarah’s school Doug drove home through a nearby neighborhood to show me some garages, porches and patios. Amy fell asleep in the car and I knew that was going to shorten her nap time. When we got home Doug tucked her in the crib and I went to bed for a nap. Amy awoke after only 45 minutes and Doug quietly took her upstairs. I stayed in bed since I was just then falling asleep. It always takes me a good hour to fall asleep. Anyway, 45 minutes later I got up and found Doug sitting at his computer downstairs. I got concerned.
“Where’s Amy?”
“She’s upstairs. Wanna see?”
I looked at his computer and he had my camera angled to watch her as she sat mesmerized in front of the tv. This child is way too addicted to the tv.

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