Sarah is only 10 years old and she acts like a teenager. Hates to be told what to do. Wants to make her own decisions but accepts no responsibility for her actions. Hates having us check her homework. Doesn’t want to wear whatever I pick out for her. Likes to have her hair hanging in her eyes (knowing that mothers hate that). Maybe we should become Catholics and send her to an all girls school with uniforms and ruler-carrying nuns.

Dr gave us meds for her cold sore. Said her eye is probably the same thing.

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  1. Doc actually said the eye probably is NOT the same thing (HSV1 – we’ve all got it – which could contracted by touching the cold sore then the eye) but to be on the safe side we are doing the oral meds. He couldn’t say definitely what the eye might be but that it should go away in a day or two and to call the immediately if it gets any worse.

  2. i hate getting given advice on how to raise my kids so you will probably ignore this
    try going to the other extreme with her. give her full responsibility and autonomy
    dont feed her, dress her, clean her clothes or room or do anything for her and let her make all her own decisons (within a little reason). see how long it is before she asks for help with stuff like washing clothes, getting meals etc and then you can explain that responsibility and freedom go together and maybe work out a middle ground.
    from a distance the problem i see is that if you are the big ogre at 10 by the time she is 14 you’re a gonna and she is out of control

    take it or leave it

  3. I think that Sarah would really benefit from some exchange student program that takes her to, oh, I dunno, maybe Australia.

  4. You don’t have to be catholic to send your daughter to an all girls catholic school. I got sent to one but not because of what I had done but because of what my sister had done. Mum sent us there because it was an all girls school. Gotta end this here and bathe the baby, she threw up all over herself.

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