Upstairs straighted. Fish fed. Amy watching Sesame Street blissfully unaware that I’m turning he tv off when her show is over. I’m sitting down to blog, e-mail and drink my cold Starbucks frappuccino. I’d prefer a hot mocha, but I’m happy with this too.

Doug is angry that I didn’t come upstairs this morning. Sarah came down for me to fix her hair since today is school pic day. With a giant cold sore they should be really interesting pics. Noah didn’t like the clothes I had out for him (too hot). I sat in bed for a half an hour listening to Amy fuss and complain. If I walk in the room when she’s happy she jabbers and we pplay some games together. If I walk in the room when she is upset she clings to me like velcro, says no to everything I say and won’t let me put her down without howling and crying (from her, not me). I’m just waiting for her morning nap time so I can take a bath and wash my hair.

Tonight is Jeff Foxworthy. I hope it goes well. We really need to have some mental escape time where we let life’s worries go for a few and just laugh till we cry.

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