Paperwork filed to use library for Asperger Support Group (that I agreed to coordinate) meetings and Girl Scout safety program (that I agreed to coordinate). Talked to Jim about Children’s Mental Health Day celebration at the Knoxville Zoo that I (insanely) agreed to coordinate. Now I only have a million more things to do.

In my introspective moments I’ve realized two things about myself. Both fall under the too much information category but oh, well. First the useless one. I recognized that part of my getting dressed ritual includes making sure my panties and bra match my outfit. What a stupid waste of my time. Second one is much more useful. I can put every argument that Doug and I have in one of two categories. Category one is “Tommy” and that is where most of the disagreements belong. Category two is “Parental Mood Problems”. This is hard to explain but basically all our other disagreements happen because Doug, I or both of us is having a mood problem. Whether the mood is over-tired, over-anxious, grumpy or depressed the disagreements are about nothing and completely caused by our personal behavioral problem.

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  1. hehe – i relate to the parent mood thing!
    we have made conscious decisions in the last two months not to be drainos
    i will email more specific info on how not to be a draino – excerepts from a fantastic speaker we listened to in jan
    it has made a big difference – when you DECIDE not to be negative

  2. Send the “no-draino” info and we’ll read it while waiting for the 5 love languages to arrive from Amazon.

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