Sent out a couple of dozen e-mails and made phone calls regarding the zoo event and I’m happy with the progress on it for the most part. I don’t like the way people have assumed that Doug and I are doing the set-up and clean-up because we aren’t.

Scheduled a safety class for all the Girl Scouts in our service unit and all that is left is confirmation from the police officer doing the training and taking rsvp’s from troop leaders. I may end up making copies for the officer but I really think that they’ll bring all the materials they need.

Sent in the paperwork for our troop to have a campout at the zoo and sent out another plea to the troop parents to say if they’ll be helping with any of the cookie booths.

Finally printed the documents I needed to finish updating my planner and got them put in the planner.

Moved the chunk of wood that is supposed to be in a Pinewood Derby in less than a week. I put it on the kitchen table so that we all have to look at it a thousand times a day and will hopefully get it finished.

Tomorrow I’ll print up and send out the Support Group flyer. I’ll print the zoo event layout and see how many tables we can fit and e-mail the donation letters out to everyone. I also need to visit the grocery store.

The upstairs is clean and everything is ready for the morning rush. Now I’m going to lie in bed and paint my toenails (hot pink) while I watch ER. Doug wants me to wean off the Tylenol PM that I’ve been abusing lately. I know he’s right but without it I toss and turn for an hour or more and wake up at every little creak in the house. That deep sleep brings such wonderfully vivid dreams.

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