All of my family and friends know that I color my hair. I don’t make a secret of it. In high school I had gray hairs and by the time I got married at the age of 21 I was coloring on a regular basis. My hair is almost entirely white now. I didn’t color when I was pregnant with Tommy (that didn’t seem to matter) but otherwise it is a regular part of my life. I have had my hair every shade of brown, black and most of the red tones. I’ve never done blonde. A hairdresser once suggested I go all gray. “It would be so cool to be all white when you’re only in your 30s.” Umm, I don’t think so. I’d need a lot more therapy than a hairdresser can provide to be talked into being gray. Later this week I’m going to try frosting my own hair for the first time. $10 to do it myself or $60 to have it done at the salon? I think it’s worth the risk. If I mess up I’ll have to pay more getting it fixed.

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