My head hurts and I got very little done today. I did find a table to use for cookie booths and it is in the car waiting for Friday. My father is taking Doug to tour a plant in Morristown (way out of town) tomorrow and Tommy has group so I’ll be taking the whole crowd to check Tommy out and then the whole crowd to Tommy’s group therapy appt. Somehow I need to get some copies made before then. I have a headache coming on so I’m going to try and relax in bed and ignore the computer until tomorrow. It’s rainy outside and I had a headache last time it rained so I wonder if there’s a connection. I’m going to make a point of noticing the weather every time my head starts to hurt. Of course, the house really needs a good scrubbing so it could just be the dust in here. Ta-ta till morning.

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  1. i used to be very sensitive to the weather when it came to having headaches. i’m not so much anymore, and i’m really not sure why. i think my parents’ house was very dusty too and that may have been part of it.

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