Had a relaxing evening with Doug and slept soundly thanks to the sound of the rain. Not a storm, but a soft gentle spring rain. Rain is great to listen to but it’s yucky to have to get out in it. So, what’s on my “to-do” for today? Errands. I need to visit the Girl Scout store which is on the other end of town and not close to anything in my normal routes. Then I need to make copies of service unit paperwork, support group flyers and cookie recipes. The service unit paperwork is because someone called me up and talked me into being our service unit’s (all the scout troops in this geographical part of town) event coordinator. They said something about me being one of the few non-working leaders. I just don’t feel like I don’t work Anyway, I also need to check Tommy out of school and take him to his group therapy. In between I have to finish the laundry and get the basket of socks (that I’ve been ignoring cause it’s my least favorite job) sorted before the rest of the family fires me.

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  1. hard as it sounds sometimes saying NO is necessary – ive had to learn that otherwise i would be working 25 hours a day helping people out instead of only 18!

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