Tommy decided to curse at and flip off the children who were teasing. Of course the other children had the good sense not to do things while the teacher was looking so they all denied doing anything. Anyone who knows Tommy knows he doesn’t attack people for no reason. The teachers are all mad at Tommy now and the other kids are probably thrilled about what they are getting away with doing. I am LIVID. Livid with Tommy for acting this way and livid that the teachers are too stupid to realize that he’s being tormented.

Noah got in trouble today too. “Well, ummm, first I was talking in the hall and then I was doing a puzzle when I wasn’t supposed to and then I was bonking heads with another boy at lunch. But that’s all I did.” I feel like such a failure.

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  1. Don’t feel like a failure.. Feel like you “have boys”! Boys have brains for only one moment in their life and that is when they pick a good woman to take care of them 🙂

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