Picked up some cookie money and then we went to the post office to ship cookies. While in line for the postman, Amy giggled, ran and generally acted like an out-of-control child. I sent Noah to pick her up and bring her back to my spot in line. Amy was annoyed at this interference with her play and promptly dropped to the floor like a limp noodle where she kicked and spun on the floor. Several people in line giggled at this display. One person pretended not to notice. A very pregnant woman in stilleto heels and high fashion clothing had thoughts so clear that you could see the bubble over her head with the words “My child will never act like that” in it.

After the post office was the bank to deposit cookie money and get a cashier’s check to make a partial payment to council for the cookies. Here, Amy giggled and hid under desks while her brother and sister loudly told her to stop it. Counting out over $600 in mostly singles takes a while, so Noah busied himself by tying his shoes to the sides of the karate outfit he was wearing (I don’t know why he was wearing it). I was very happy when we left the bank. After that was a quick stop at the council’s bank to drop off the cashier’s check and then straight home. I got the shoes off the karate top and Noah skipped off to play.

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  1. Poor, poor pregnant woman. Apart from wearing stillettos (and probably having aching feet and back due to the extra weight), I do think that bubble of thought above her head will burst when she has to wake to a screaming child through the night, or the child that decides no clothes are better then any clothes while out in public, or even the public display of a tantrum. I guess she will learn over time.
    Tim once overheard a girl say that she would rather be a surrogate mum then have her own kids. She said she thought pregnancy and childbirth sounded like fun!

  2. The woman was in a train talking to her friend loud enough for the whole carriage to hear – i nudged the lady (around 50) next to me and whispered – she will change her mind if she haves one. The lady nearly lost it!

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