My brother wants me to spend the weekend after next re-landscaping my parents yard. I have to point out that their yard is already landscaped very nicely albeit low-maintenance landscaping. My brother and his wife want to see more “color” in the yard. Later this summer they want us all to work together and built a deck for my parents. When my parents aren’t at work or church they are asleep or watching tv in their la-z-boys. Doug and I have begged and pleaded to our entire extended family not to ever give us a gift but to instead help us with the house and yard renovation. Not only does everyone turn us down, they throw in a little insult like “No way are we working on that house.” My favorites are the comments by Doug’s sister. “Your house is gross.”

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  1. i like making comments on your page – i hope you dont mind
    its nice to be able to “help” (maybe)

  2. Just because Kelly has lived in a sterile castle where she has never had to lift a finger, does not make your house “gross.” You and Doug have given your children a place to call home and it will someday be the house you want it to be. We will be there soon…I promise.

  3. ouch. We were looking to provide a way for everyone to give a non-financial mother’s day present… if our ideas offend, say so to us instead of the world. And I have never endorsed dad’s deck ideas.

  4. that sounds very rude
    just goes to show that you are on your own – they arent gonna help.
    however dont let that stop ya helping them – what goes around comes around eventually – so suck it in and help with a cheerful spirit and who knows what may happen
    we might win lotto and come over to the US of A and help with your house (this probably wont happpend cos we dont buy the tickets and i think thats the only way you can win) but you get the idea

  5. This wasn’t an attack on your idea. It was a whine about our yard. Geez. I guess I need to be more careful about what I say.

    However, the world doesn’t read my blog. Only my few friends and family.

  6. Yes. Dean is my brother and Jeni is his wife. They are going to have their hands full trying to get a chiropractic practice off the ground.

    We enjoy your comments greatly!

  7. You missed Dean and Jeni also – they are relatives right? but they are helpful ones – just living too far away!

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