The service engine soon light now stays on in the wagon. The engine needs more than just service. The transmission is dying and we can’t afford to replace it. Doug made the mistake of telling his mother about the wreck yesterday and she was so angry she had to end their conversation. I know what she’s thinking. “When we gave you that car it was just like new.” It was “clean” as a car fresh out of the factory but not like a new car in any other way. It came to us with the cheapest am/fm stereo available in the dealership and as soon as we turned the radio on the speakers started going out. It had several small dings and dents that she somehow denied existed. It had a zillion miles on it and had never been driven anywhere but around flat as a pancake Ohio. On the “hills” of East TN it runs like the little engine that couldn’t.

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  1. I didn’t tell about the wreck. I talked to her about something that happened 4 years ago that she “heard” for the first time last night.

  2. It’s got 85000 miles on it. The light is probably preprogrammed to come on.

    The car also doesn’t perform as badly as you describe. We will have a new one by year’s end.

  3. thats cars – they do get dinged – doesnt stop em working
    however mechanics is another matter and old cars breakdown. the best thing we ever did was bite the bullet and start buying brand new cars – they cost you more retail , but they work – and they have warranty and free service! yah – they cost of the time related to breakdowns and service is huge not to mention frustrating and sometimes scary

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