In a moment of pointless naughtiness I sat and figured out my husband’s birth date’s distance from his parents’ wedding date. Thirteen weeks too close together. The only reason this is funny is that they made it clear they were suspicious of our motivations for getting married even though their suspicions were unfounded. When I went into labor I told Doug to call and tell his parents to drive here quickly so they’d see her but they weren’t interested. They said they’d see her in the fall (5 months later) when they came up for their once a year football game. I was less than happy about that so Doug and I made the long drive up to see them when Amy was 10 days old. Not a fun thing to do when you are tired and nursing. After “seeing” Amy’s strong resemblance to her Daddy they verbally accepted her as actually their grandchild. The best part of the trip was the family photographs that hang in our hallway. Someday Amy will cherish those pictures. Doug will probably get upset about this blog entry so it may not be posted for very long.

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  1. I think also because I am constantly amazed by how much Doug loves the children and wants to be a part of their lives in a healthy, nurturing but not over-protective way.

  2. I’m just curious, but what brought on this entry.

    We, too, will always cherish that family photo as much as the one from Christmas of the whole family. It sits on our buffet in our dining room.

  3. Their anniversary, Doug and Kelly fighting, Doug and I talking about children, life in general. I didn’t mean to upset you.

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