Sometimes there is more going on than my little mind can absorb. If the little jolts in life would just space themselves out I could process and react rationally but nooooo, everything likes to happen at once. I have a couple calling me and asking me to stop the nasty things that are happening to a child whose name I don’t even know. Tommy is in the middle of a melt-down over school. My mother dropped me an e-mail casually announcing that she’s having RAI treatment next week and asking if I can pet-sit. At the same time that I’m researching radioactivity side effects Doug is sending the phone text messages that Tommy is stemming and he sees a major explosion happening later tonight. Of course he won’t be here for that because he’ll be working the craps table at a mock casino as a favor for the company loaning equipment to the zoo crew. Mock casinos mean you keep the guest entertained and happy. Nothing like adultery, but flirting and flattering. He won’t tell any of the women there that they are severe looking.

On the other hand I am surrounded by three little people who constantly make me smile. Sarah is out front giggling and squishing her face on the glass window so that she looks like a fish. Noah is dressed in the most mismatched clothes I’ve ever seen playing a video game and Amy is laughing out loud at her big sister’s antics. Just looking at Amy makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. She’s a tiny little version of Doug and I with red-blonde curls in a sundress and frilly diaper cover.

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  1. No flirting. The table was all guys. Even with women at the table the craps action moves too fast for flirting. There is only one woman I want to flirt with.

  2. when i said severe i meant that relatively – as in i think you would be prettier in curls than straight hair
    i dunno if im making this worse or better (men usually make it worse) by trying to make it better…

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