Since nobody wants to hear about the color of the stuff coming out of my nose I really have nothing interesting to say right now. Yet I ramble on anyway. Amy is watching Elmo in Grouchland. Yes, I actually like hearing Mandy Patinkin sing “Mine” but I don’t like listening to Vanessa Williams sing. Doug has gone to ride horses with a friend. He’ll need the relaxing ride to get through the chaos of chaperoning a fifth grade class trip all weekend. At least the boys won’t be demanding room changes on the second night. Pre-teen girls have a 24 hour limit to the amount of time they can go without fighting. I hope he takes lots of pictures. I want to see rolled eyes in the museums and giggles in the restaurants. The itinerary was obviously created by someone without children. They will love the Rainforest Cafe and I think Amy needs to visit one soon. She loves it when we visit the Aquarium in Chattanooga.

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  1. It went through several tones of yellow and green but now it’s mostly clear.

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