Noah is making what we are tentatively calling a “sneeze sleeve” for the school’s invention convention. The idea came from watching him wipe his nose on his sleeve. The details aren’t ironed out yet and suggestions are welcome but we really like his project. Sarah is determined not to make anything useful and despite my efforts to suggest that she create a new crafting tool she is now stuck on making a board game. I need to take her to a store so she can see what is already out there and look for a gap in the product line. I’m not crazy about her project, but oh well.

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  1. Cut a sleeve off of an old shirt, attach one of those small packs of tissues on the sleeve. You sneeze, wipe, and remove the tissue. You could make it so that you can replace the packs, kind of like you do with a regular tissue cover or holder.

  2. It is considered appropriate for a young child to sneeze into the crook of the elbow, rather than the hand. This prevents the spread of germs via slimily-handled playthings.
    Go Noah G.! Super-duper excellent project idea.

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