Doug put ant poison around the foundation of the house, traps all through the inside and even sprayed the baseboards. The ants are still everywhere. I wonder what animal would eat them? A monkey? The big sloth looking thing from Kingdom Hospital? How toxic does the house have to be to get these crawlies back outside where they belong?

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  1. ive tried the bait stuff – didnt work
    the only stuff we ever got that worked is the crawly cruncher that judith mentioned
    ill dig up the active ingredients for ya tomorrow so you can see if you can find a local equivalent

  2. The thing on Kingdom Hospital looks like a cross between a sloth and an anteater. Do you think one of the local farmers has an anteater for rent?

  3. Time. The poison is not a contact poison. It’s a bait. They take it back to the colony and it kills the whole colony.

    We also have more work to do in the yard. I’ll do that on Sunday.

  4. Crawly Cruncher has nearly killed me! It mightn’t get you the first time but it will get you. Use Aspartame based sweetener instead, Equal, Nutrasweet etc. This kills ants & humans alike. It sends the ants crazy & they attack each other, then die. It takes a bit, but, they just disappear. Imagine what it does to humans then!!!
    It does work.

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