I was bored and too stuffy to sleep last night so I counted Doug’s t-shirts. Not dress shirts or polo style shirts or even solid colored plain shirts, just t-shirts with words and/or pictures on them. I stopped counting at 100. If you put every shirt I owned in a pile you wouldn’t count 100. I have less than 10 t-shirts with words and/or pictures. Yet, Doug still says we don’t need to get rid of anything to get the house clutter under control. “We just need to organize better.” The kayak out back hasn’t been used in AT LEAST 6 years and I bet the rubber fittings in it are completely rotted out. There is rock climbing equipment in our bedroom and garage. Is he putting a climbing wall on the side of the house? I think we could live for several months on ebay sales if he agreed to get rid of everything that hasn’t been used in two years. I would apply the two year rule to EVERYTHING. The only exception would be books and pictures.

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  1. Clean Sweep is only for California residents. You’d think with HGTV headquartered here we’d have a local show but we don’t.

  2. i cant believe i said that – hang on – rewind
    dont you dare sell anything cathy – doug will kill me!
    and judith will sell all my stuff!
    i need stuff to fill my shed! and the removers truck!

  3. I have a one year rule on clothes. I still think you should apply for the TV show Clean Sweep. Then you would get free help and 2 brand new remodled rooms!

  4. Oh I didn’t realize they had that limitation. Poo on them. The style network has a show where they do something similar, I think.

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