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  1. But would the happiness be as sweet or sincere without the balance of sadness?

  2. Does never being sick again imply immortality? Does never being sad again imply that nothing bad will ever happen again to you or anyone you love?

    Conversely, if you are dead, you can never be sick or sad again.

    Embrace the fluctuations of life. The downs are necessary to make the ups that much better.

  3. I think I would rather be rid of this toenail fungus than either of those…

  4. Is sadness a sickness? If so, then never be sick again and you’ve covered all your bases.

    The body’s physical health is often related to the mental health. So if you are never sad again, you will have less sickness.

    I think sadness, in certain measure, is an important aspect of being human and being well balanced. Can we truly appreciate happiness without sadness?

    I think I would choose never to be sick again.

  5. Oh, in that case I choose the no more sadness one… no brainer.

  6. Oh, yeah! The “balance” bit was Sci-Fi Channel Matinee Malarky. Of course, I think of this from that same direction… never being sad again could be the curse of having your conscience removed (think lobotomy). I remember something about experiments done on people in the old “no ethics” days of Psych experiments. They ran an electrode to the pleasure center of the human brain, and connected it to a button. Anyone with this button would want only to push the button, repeatedly. Thus theywould starve to death. But they died happy!

  7. To be sick is to have something invasive or unexpected negatively effecting your body. Aging is not sickness. You can never be sick and still you will die.

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