My grandmother is still in the psych ward of the hospital. Instead of gradually going downhill she made a huge jump down in her cognitive abilities. Last year she forgot that she and I share a birthday. This year she doesn’t even remember birthdays. She is losing people, places, time and interests. She can no longer focus on the tv, radio or a book. She just sits. It’s like watching her disintegrate until she is no longer there at all. Just an empty shell. When she is gone I have no more grandparents. Then I will watch it happen to my parents. Then it will be my turn.

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  1. the circle of life
    we start off naked and knowing nothing – and sometimes die the same way
    the first and last few years we spend dribbling and having other people cleaning up our messes for us
    at least she has lived a full life to get to there and hasn’t died “prematurely”

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